It’s our collective responsibility to choose the raw material with which we create.

Introducing BIODEGRADABLE* CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES®, a new leave-no-trace textile solution that address the daunting problem of how to deal with polyester at the end of its useful life. Made from throwaway materials, these game-changing fabrics can either be recycled, contributing to the circular economy, or sent to landfill to be biodegraded* at the end of their useful life – solving the problem at its roots.

Available in yarn-dye and piece-dye, nothing is sacrificed in order to achieve the biodegradable benefit - not pattern, color or performance.

Polyester Recycling & Transformation
fabric biodegradation*
biosphere restoration

Be a voice of change

55 million pounds of synthetic plastic textiles are sent to landfills every day in the U.S. alone.1

Only 1% of all synthetic and plastic-based textiles are eventually fully recycled. 2

1Advancing Sustainable Materials Management 2013, U.S. Environmental Agency. Preferred Fiber Market Report 2016
2According the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 15% of textiles are reused/recycled at the first cycle, 7% at the second cycle and 1% at the third cycle. This results in 99% of our textiles eventually being landfilled.

Design without compromise.

Help keep plastic out of landfills with BIODEGRADABLE* CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® polyester fabrics.

Biodegradable* in landfill after 1,278 days (tested under ASTM D5511)
Back to the biosphere as fast as natural wool fabric
Designed and manufactured for recyclability
Made with sustainable manufacturing practices
Meets or exceeds all ACT performance guidelines
NSF/ANSI 336 – Sustainability assessment for commercial furnishings fabric, and carries the Facts Gold certification mark
Full color capabilities & novelty yarns
Could contribute to LEED points for recycled content and materials and resources
Eco-efficiency at it’s best !

Biodegradability* is achieved through the addition of a bio-catalyst that enables anaerobic digestion in landfill at a rate comparable to natural wool.

By providing our partners with a leave-no-trace solution, we contribute to the circular economy – preserving our planet for future generations.

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